Sound Journal



I have been Bangkok for one week and am heading to Chiang Mai tomorrow. The sounds below are from the adventures I have had with my fellow travellers and amazing hosts. Here is my Sound Journal entry for Bangkok, where I give a brief spoken summary of my experiences. At the weekend market, a busking […]

Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai (part 2 below is trekking in the hills north of Chiang Mai). After the sprawl and rush of Bangkok, arriving in Chiang Mai was a welcome change of pace. Smaller, and nestled against the northern hills, this city has many artisans, cooler temperatures, and new but equally excellent foods. My excellent traveling […]

Palm Tree and Beach


I am in the Maldives for 2 weeks. This country is a group of islands southwest of India. Google-map the country and zoom way in! Here is my sound journal for this tropical Island paradise. It is broken into 3 parts: my experiences, a brief into to Maldevian politics, and some phrases in dhivehi. And […]



British Columbia

Ducks in Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park swarm you even if you have no food. A group of remote controlled toy car enthusiasts play near Beacon Hill Park, Victoria. I heard a concert by Rosemary Laing on the Netherlands Centennial Carillon in Victoria, CB. Text below is from the information panel in front of the Carillon. […]


In the subways of Montreal there are many marvelous and horrible sounds. The trains have rubber wheels, and from my memory of the Toronto subways which have metal wheels, these are much quieter. They do squeak and squeal now and then, but there is not the banshee scream of the Torontonian subway. The majority of […]

Cape Breton Ceilidh


Before arriving in Newfoundland, we stopped in North Sydney, Cape Breton for a ceilidh (kay-lee). Somewhere between 6 – 10 fiddlers playing, an accordion, a harmonica, a couple guitars, and an upright piano. After giving up trying to think about the music, I sat down with the pianist and just listened, then it was easy […]


Albuqurque Landscape


Flat roofs, adobe everywhere, cacti, and 5,000 feet of elevation. And I was able to meet several people working in the field of acoustics in some way. Check out their links below, and enjoy the sounds of New Mexico. Andrea Polli – Jim Cummings – and Dr. Steven Feld –  More trains! […]


Not exactly in South Carolina, but on my stopover in Atlanta, Georgia at 6am one morning, I stood on the overpass of a highway next to the Amtrak station and heard the traffic ooze by. The red and white lights of the vehicles moving all around me were beautiful, unending, and putting a consistent 83dB […]

Men Shouting at Football

New Orleans

I was in New Orleans for several days and within the first hour it has become my favorite city in America. Music, food, roaches. There was a family of musicians playing on the street in the French Quarter: clarinet, sousaphone, drum kit. It was the most amazing clarinet and sousaphone playing I’ve ever heard. Here’s […]