Albuqurque Landscape


Flat roofs, adobe everywhere, cacti, and 5,000 feet of elevation. And I was able to meet several people working in the field of acoustics in some way. Check out their links below, and enjoy the sounds of New Mexico. Andrea Polli – Jim Cummings – and Dr. Steven Feld –  More trains! […]


Not exactly in South Carolina, but on my stopover in Atlanta, Georgia at 6am one morning, I stood on the overpass of a highway next to the Amtrak station and heard the traffic ooze by. The red and white lights of the vehicles moving all around me were beautiful, unending, and putting a consistent 83dB […]

Men Shouting at Football

New Orleans

I was in New Orleans for several days and within the first hour it has become my favorite city in America. Music, food, roaches. There was a family of musicians playing on the street in the French Quarter: clarinet, sousaphone, drum kit. It was the most amazing clarinet and sousaphone playing I’ve ever heard. Here’s […]

New York

New York is quite brilliant and crazy. Track below: On the Amtrak train from Montreal to New York. The train compartments were actually incredibly quiet: 55 -65 db on average. In between cars were small enclosed areas that were all metal and they clattered and clanked and squeaked. That is where I recorded the track […]

Church Tower

North Carolina

I was in Chapel Hill, Carrborro, and Rocky Mount North Carolina for about 5 days. I went to a mall near Durham, and found one of the more common, and utterly boring soundscapes of my culture. It saddened me and I left quickly. Near the bell tower in Chapel Hill. You can hear the bells […]


Northern California

Surf’s up, dudes! I was in Northern California for over a week, based in San Jose. I went to Santa Cruz, San Fransisco, and even braved the traffic of LA. Here are San Jose and Santa Cruz sounds. My friend is taking flying lessons, and on one pleasure cruise we took (thanks Dave!) we flew […]

Metal Windchimes

San Diego

As far south and west as I’m going on this continent. I’m in San Diego for a good number of days, and my new best friend is the public transit system. We’re spending lots of time together! The 921A bus had a great squeak that turned into a two-tone groove every time it slammed over […]

Amtrak Train


I arrived in Washington on Sept. 20th, 2010 at Union Station. The first track below is what I heard as soon as I got off the Amtrak train: a nearby train was letting off rhythmic steam. The second track is the subway escalator, which also had a nice beat going. Washington grooves. I spent a […]