Watch James Ehnes play Magnetic North

Posted: August 18, 2016

Now online – a video of the fantastic violinist James Ehnes and pianist Andrew Armstrong playing my composition Magnetic North at the 2016 Royal Conservatory of Music 21C festival. CLICK HERE TO WATCH. James and Andrew tune up at the 20-minute mark, and the tune runs from 20:23 to 27:10. My program note on the piece: The […]

Candle Ice

Posted: November 23, 2015

Piano Trio (Piano, violin, cello) and soundfiles Duration: 10 minutes Program Note: Candle Ice is a work evokes the final melting phase of the ice on Great Slave Lake, in Northern Canada. In the spring, the thick ice melts into long, interlocking shards which are commonly called candle ice. These crystalline shapes are pushed by the […]

Bedrock Cycles


Piano Trio (Piano, violin, cello) Duration: 6 minutes Performed by the Land’s End Ensemble Program Note: Bedrock is the common term for rock that underlies the surface of the planet. Yellowknife NWT sits on bedrock that is largely exposed to the air, and this geologic feature dominates the landscape. The bedrock in this area also […]

The Raven Conspiracy


 String quartet Duration: 9:40 Program Note: A group of ravens is called a ‘conspiracy’ – a fitting name for these intelligent, beautiful and sonically fascinating beings. Ravens hold huge mystery and fascination for me. In The Raven Conspiracy for string quartet, I explore themes sourced from ravens, each of which became a movement of the […]

Solstice Shadows


Choir (SATB) and piano Duration: 6:30 Program Note: Solstice Shadows evokes the quality of light around the winter solstice in Canada’s sub-Arctic. The sun is still visible during the day for brief periods, but rises late and sets early. It only rises a short distance above the horizon, casting long shadows and beautiful colours that […]