Listen Up!

The ‘Listen Up!’ program begins with the assumption that all children have extraordinary potential for artistic expression.”

In 2014/15, the Gryphon Trio is partnering with the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre to bringing the amazing Listen Up! program to the NWT. This mammoth youth/music outreach experience will directly involve 100 NWT youth from 6 communities, as well as a ton of local, national and international artists. Throughout this school year, the program will touch on poetry, the environment, music composition, performance, collaboration, expression… the list of creative angles is endless!

And I get to work with the ‘music composition’ element of the program! In November / December 2014, I will be travelling with Vancouver composer Jeffery Ryan to Inuvik, Yellowknife, Norman Wells, Fort Smith, Fort Simpson and Hay River. We will spend time in each community delivering music composition workshops, and will gather all of the creations that are made. More creative elements will follow in the New Year, culminating in a major performance at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre. The Gryphon Trio will perform with the students themselves, and many other local artists will be featured.

One additional fantastic layer to this endeavour is that the whole process will be documented by two major filmmakers. PJ Marcellino and Hermon Farahi are amazing storytellers in filmmaking, and their documentary “Way Up North: An Arctic Symphony” will help to spread the power of the many voices in this project. Click HERE to check out the crowd-funding page and support the amazing film-makers – all donations receive some kind of perk, from music downloads to “Ice Explorer Perk”…

Click HERE to check out previous Listen Up! projects. See below for more amazing footage of the “Way Up North” documentary of the Listen Up! project

Here is a short trailer made for the “Way Up North” film that describes my passion for sound and music in the North – come ice recording with me!

And a bonus teaser – really cool footage, and the soundtrack includes my ice sounds!