Live Sound-Telling – Floating Dinner Theatre

As part of NARWAL Northern Adventure’s Floating Dinner Theatre series, I am giving sound-telling performances on the rocky shores of Great Slave Lake. July 10 and July 27 are the two dates that I will be pulling out my grandma’s old accordion and drawing the audience into the sub-Arctic soundscape.

During the Floating Dinner Theatre … “Guests are transported to a scenic location on Yellowknife Bay via 29-foot voyageur canoes. There we will enjoy a traditional meal of soup and bannock complemented by lively entertainment featuring music and dramatic presentations of historic northern events. All ages welcome!”

The scenery is amazing, the soup is delicious, and the bannock is unbeatable! Click here to see NARWAL’s full summer offerings, and contact 867-873-6443 or to book a seat in their amazing voyageur canoes for the Floating Dinner Theatre.

Carmen Sound Telling Narwal