Travel to Bangkok – 1

Durian Fruit

I have been Bangkok for one week and am heading to Chiang Mai tomorrow. The sounds below are from the adventures I have had with my fellow travellers and amazing hosts.

Here is my Sound Journal entry for Bangkok, where I give a brief spoken summary of my experiences.

At the weekend market, a busking musical group plays hammered string instruments and has some hand-drum accompaniment for this not-so-Thai-authentic song. Canadians should get a kick out of this.

Walking down Khaosan Road, the watering hole for all things dreadlocked and hippie, there were vendors selling t-shirts with inappropriate slogans, fake dreadlocks, pirated CDs, tailor made suits, sunglasses, purses, accessories, jewelry, all kinds of food (including the insect vendor selling scorpions, silk worms, etc). There were also women from the hill tribes dressed in traditional gear walking around peddling jewelry and wooden frogs (you can hear them!).

At a special tree in the Temple of the dawn, flower buds sat closed and waiting for the right person to clap their hands hands over them; then they would bloom. None of the people I saw clapping were the right people, I suppose.