Chiang Mai – Thailand – 4

The next day on the trail, we found our seranaders cavorting in a beautiful waterfall.

At the Li-Su village herb garden, insects buzz in the trees. These are more like the cicadas I am used to hearing.

We visited one of the shaman in Li-Su village who still practice traditional animism. He played a song on a windy flute pipe with one mouthpiece going into a gourd that opened into 5 bamboo pipes. Here is a small bit of his song.

Here is a cool bird I heard on the trail. I don’t know the name and didn’t see it. The view above is on part of the trail that was more in the open where the slopes have been cleared for cultivation.

Here is another bird, this one imitates a ratchet nicely. The tree above is massive, and you can see a line running up the trunk where a ladder has been fashioned to climb to the branches to collect honey from the hives.