Chiang Mai – Thailand – 5

This is a sound from the jungle that I think was a bird. The image above is proof I was not intended for life in 40 degree temperatures.

This is another birdsong, this one our guide identified as a bulbul.

One of my favorite Thailand sounds: bamboo creaking. Bamboo is used for so many things, especially in the rural areas. I saw bamboo walls, floors, trusses, house frames, chairs, beds, cups, scaffolding, rafts, pilings and pipes, and it all creaked. The clip below is of bamboo in the jungle creaking in the wind.

Above: bamboo flooring, in a house on bamboo stilts 12 feet off the ground.

Here is a typical short clip of what it sounded like on the trek at any given moment. Insects, birds, voices of fellow trekkers, bambo… And not a motor in sound.