Palm Tree and Beach

Maldives – 1

Palm Tree and Beach

I am in the Maldives for 2 weeks. This country is a group of islands southwest of India. Google-map the country and zoom way in!

Here is my sound journal for this tropical Island paradise. It is broken into 3 parts: my experiences, a brief into to Maldevian politics, and some phrases in dhivehi. And then below, some of the recordings I made here. (Note, I mispronounce ‘bangi’, or the Muslim call for prayer. Proper pronunciation is ‘bun-ghee’.)

My experience (yes, I built an inukshuk out of coral):


Maldevian politics:

Phrases in dhivehi:


I spent four days on Vaavu, a small island south of Male with perhaps 200 people. Listen to the tracks below and you will here one huge and, in my opinion, glorious difference: no traffic. There was not a single car or motorbike on the island. The only motors I heard were when I was near the diesel generator or the wharf where the dhonis came in to the small harbor. To my ears, where the norm was humans = traffic noise, this was truly a magical place.