Phuket – Thailand – 3

In the clip below, my canoe moves from inside the lagoon into the cave leading back to the ocean. You can hear the transition from the reverb-saturated lagoon with it’s insects and voices to the closed, cool cave where bats chirp above me and the paddling is amplified.

My canoe guide saw me recording one of the birds on an island, a ‘Nook Milah’, and began whistling at it in imitation.

I did go on two dives, with Sub Aqua. It made me very,very happy to hit the water in neoprene again, and I saw a good number of interesting creatures. Sonically, imagine being Darth Vader for an hour underwater.

Squeaky Sand! On Karon Beach, the sand squeaked when you walked on it with bare feet. My parents lent a helping foot here, but none of us could bear the heat for more than a few seconds. I have not heard the ‘Singing Sands’ of PEI, but I’m guessing they are similar.