Siem Reap – 2

A common game in Cambodia, and other nearby countries, is a form of hackeysack that uses several small discs linked together topped by feathers. When it is hit, it makes a distinctive chhrickkk sound.

Biking around Siem Reap is a great way to see parts of the town away from the tourist center in the Old Market. We followed the river and stopped at the Royal Gardens where a swarm of bats was hanging and howling in the trees. Is it a swarm? A flock? What is the name for a group of bats? If I had to choose, I would call it a screech of bats.

Also along the river, we passed a school where a marching-style band was practicing outside. This will sound like a familiar experience to many music students who ever played in a band in high school.

The Phsar Chas, or Old Market, was the tourist hub of Siem Reap. Souvenier stalls, foot vendors, restaurants, endless massage parlours and fish foot massage tanks, and one solid street of bars, all filled with tourists, tuk tuk drivers, hawking vendors and local children running around selling things. We ate not so ‘local’ khmer food at restaurants for a couple days before discovering the barbeque stall that we went to almost every day after for their BBQ and cashew nut shakes. Below is the sizzling clip of the barbie.