Singapore and Malaysia – 6

In the clip below, a passing park worker explains some of the birds we are hearing (as a plane passes overhead). Besides the bulbul, you can hear a hill mynah, a tailor bird and a flower-petal bird.

One day I took a tour of several farms that are run in the only agricultural section of Singapore, and not even many locals make their way out there. A tour bus picked me up from each farm and brought me to the next one for $3 Sing dollars ($2.30 CAD), and you could walk around the farms for free! The first farm I stopped at was a goat farm, and the sound below is of the goats at milking time, and below is a clip of baby goats. The milking clip has an interesting sound that could easily be mistaken for the goats bleating, but they didn’t make a sound as they were milked. The sound is actually the milking machines as they pump the milk, and the squeaking is the parts attached to the udders.

The next farm was destined to be my favorite – the frog farm!! American bullfrogs are farmed for their juicy legs, which are good when fried with ginger. They made amazing sounds, but they only seemed to make them when they were making romantic advances, or when the romantic advances had been accepted.

One of the common soundscapes in Singapore is in the ‘coffeshops’, which were more like vendor/restaurants open to the street. It almost sounds like it could be any casual streetside eatery in the world.

The only sound clip I have from the two days I spend in Malaysia is below, and it is the testing of the emergency evacuation alarm on the boat I took to Pulau Aur, a small island with a SCUBA diving resort (pictured above). The island and waters were beautiful, and the diving got better with each new tank. Some highlights I wish I could show you were the sea turtles we watched eat breakfast, and the foot-long sea slug. The sonic experience of SCUBA diving is definitely a secondary one for me – just imagine listening to Darth Vader for an hour – and that’s all you hear…

Below are more photos and words of the crazy things I came across in Singapore.