Singapore and Malaysia – 7

One tradition tracing back to China is when paper items are burned for the dead to use in the afterlife. I saw paper money, clothes, shoes, mini cars, cell phones, recliners, food, cigarettes, tools, jewelry…

Canadian 2 for 1 pizza was very popular!

More giant pieces of fruit – not sure what this one was, maybe a mangosteen. There were so many kinds of fruits and vegetables I had never laid eyes on. I’ll admit I have a tourist’s taste for durian, but the mangosteen became a quick favorite!

The world is truly a backwards place. In most of Asia I was surrounded by pale tourists trying to get a bit of sun and colour before heading home. And it is the fad with most locals in the urban locales I visited to have skin as white as possible, so skin whitening products were all the rage.

“Wet” markets were places frequented by local folk more than tourists and fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, meats and fish were the fare.

This is one instrument neither my wallet nor my luggage could afford, though I was much and sorely tempted. The ‘sheng’ is like an organ, except you blow into the mouthpiece and push the buttons. So it’s a mix between a shisha pipe, an accordian and an organ from the 1400’s.

One restaurant I was lucky enough to visit with my friends was an amazing seafood eatery where you went in the back and chose your meal from the tank. I even saw a tank of frogs, and was sure I recognized one from the frog farm!