Newfoundland – 2

The first night we camped in Trout River Pond, and as the sun went down we went to the Pond (which is really a lake, but there were no ‘lakes’ in Newfoundland, just really big ‘ponds’). The clip below is what we heard. You’ll notice there’s very little to hear. The silence was immense and wonderful. We thought we could hear our nervous systems buzzing, and in the recording, the H4’s nervous system is actually quite loud when you remove all louder sounds. The absence of cars, planes, and generators was sonic heaven.


We borrowed a Coleman stove that is older than me. It takes camping fuel, and you have to pump pressure into the fuel tank, which fits inside the stove once you’re done cooking. It cooked up beans, pork, eggs, blueberry pancakes, apple pancakes, chocolate pancakes, oatmeal, and lots of tea. Once we figured out how to not explode the thing, it was brilliant and makes lots of happy camping noises. Thanks for the stove Mark and Trina!


I am learning to play harmonica, and we had a fire most nights. They sounded very good together – the fire improved my playing somehow.