Nahanni National Park

Virginia Falls 3Spectacular NWT! A road trip from Yellowknife to Fort Simpson, then a day trip into Nahanni National Park. Along the way, baby buffalo running near Behchoko, birch trees playing coy amongst the spruce at Kakisa Falls, incredible views from a Beaver 172 float plane, forest fire spotting from the air, frogs, mosquitos, sandhill cranes, a bear, a score of waterfalls, a sunshower on a still lake, and of course, Virginia Falls.

Virginia Falls and Moson RockVirginia Falls – energy, spirit and power! The ear’s perspectives in the clip below shift as follows: upstream at the “Sluice Box” approx. 500 meters above the falls; Hydrophone in the water approx. 400 meters above the falls; then 3 different places right beside the falls.

Caribou Lichen 1Sleeping in the Fort Simpson campground was a sonic massage – here is a chorus of frogs that gear up from silence, like a group of delicate Harley Davidson motorcycles.

A flock of Canada geese fly honking overhead.

A bird I am still trying to identify has a beautiful, subtly changing three-tone call, encountered at Trout River Falls.

Beaver plane at Little Doctor LakeMy hydrophone rests in 2 inches of water at Little Doctor Lake, in Nahanni National Park. I was trying to capture the crystalline rain on the still surface, and these little mini fresh water shrimp creatures were swimming around, and I am fairly certain they are making the cool sounds in this clip!

The rain at Little Doctor Lake plink pluanks on the aluminum frame of the float plane.

Sandhill Cranes on Highway 2An audio gem! One of my most precious sounds I have found, rare to hear, and rarer to capture – beautiful sandhill cranes.







I offer my blood as a human sacrifice in order to capture the beautiful whine of the mosquito. In the background you will also hear gorgeous frogs as I attempt to record around the helicopters flying around late into the night.

Waterfall Sound Recordings – the most boring sound found in nature? Or a sound rich in frequency and variation?

A flower feature for all my floral friends. Last year’s blood red cranberries. White Mountain Aven – the official flower of the NWT! A wild yellow daisy-like beauty. Mystery pink fushia bundles.A wild orchid – looking delicate and fierce!Plant old cranberries
Mountain Aven 2Flower pink bells




Flower pink orchid   

Flower YellowFlower pink spikey 2

Flower pink orchid copy