Ice Videos

Video clips of my ice-obsession…. The 2014 breakup is still going on (as of June 19…), and I have documented several phases of the melt, with a big focus of my research going to wards my Candle Ice composition that will be played by the fantastic Gryphon Trio at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival on August 6… Works do not yet exist to describe my excitement…


June 1 2014 – South Bay Melt – on a lake near Yellowknife NT. Within 15 minutes the ice begins to break into very large sections that the wind and waves can now push up on shore and crunch against docks. Spring is winning the battle!

May 31 2014 – Old Town Candle Ice Walk. Great Slave Lake tossed around some small pieces of candle ice that I stroll through in the shallows, and the view of Yellowknife Bay is starting to open up! It’s a happy reality of ice recording that your feet will almost always get cold.

May 26 2014 – Bubble ice… In just a single day the ice retreated 50 feet from shore, and so I haul out the canoe (thanks for the canoe loan, Barb Lacey!) and paddle to the edge of the rapidly-melting ice. It is melting so rapidly that air bubbles (which were trapped in the ice all winter) are floating free to the surface all along the pan’s edge, making beautiful, gentle pip-popping sounds – like the lake is raining air.


May 25 2014 – 4 Feet of Open Water – Part 1 – Hip wader …..On May 25, the lake ice is creeping away from the warm rocks on the shore. In a pair of ill-fitting, mildy-effective yet definitely stylish hip waders, I brave the elements to make waves in the ice pan.

May 25 2014 – 4 Feet of Open Water – Part 2 – Tectonic Ice….. The human-induced waves from Part 1 have caused part of the ice pan to break off. A channel emerges and I set off (still in the stylish hip waders) to explore connections of ice to geological tectonic processes.

May 10 2014. I am currently finishing a new work for piano trio and electroacoustic track that is all about Candle Ice – the last and most tasty ice of the year! The video below was shot in early May near Yellowknife NWT, and shows the first of the candle ice to form this year.