New Orleans – Louisiana – 5


Water drips from hanging pl;ants on the upper level story balconies at any hour of the day that their tenders feel like watering. It is an out-of-place sound on a sunny sidewalk during the day in New Orleans.


The streetcar system in New Orleans is great; it runs down the middle of the street fairly often, it’s cheap, old-fashioned looking, but miraculously quiet. The airhandling system is the loudest part of the transportation, and sometimes when it cuts out briefly, the trolley simply hums along. The one horrible sound it does make, however, is the razor-rattle of the buzzer when someone pulls the cord to request a stop.

El Paso

On my ride from New Orleans to El Paso, Texas, we stopped in several places along the way. The track below is from a stop in San Antonio when I got off the train to stretch my legs and wandered under an overpass.

Alpine Train

This track is from Alpine, Texas. We stopped and the train was on a crossroads for about 20 minutes, and this warning bell rang the whole time.