Albuqurque Landscape

Albuqurque – New Mexico – 1

Carmen Cactus

Flat roofs, adobe everywhere, cacti, and 5,000 feet of elevation. And I was able to meet several people working in the field of acoustics in some way. Check out their links below, and enjoy the sounds of New Mexico.

Albuqurque Landscape

More trains! The Rail Runner commuter train runs from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, and here is the sound of it pulling into the Santa Fe Depot. You can hear crunch-munching sounds when the train is passing; when the wheels pass over the rail tier breaks, the weight squishes the wood, metal and gravel crush. Lots of happy train squeaking as well.

Road Runner Train


I went to a shooting range, and loaded .223 bullets into an AR15 magazine. It is a cold sound. You can hear someone shooting in the distance, 500m. away. It is a cold sound.

My friend’s car, a 1983 Volvo, has a unique voice. The track below captures its chattering.