Church Tower

North Carolina – 1

I was in Chapel Hill, Carrborro, and Rocky Mount North Carolina for about 5 days.


I went to a mall near Durham, and found one of the more common, and utterly boring soundscapes of my culture. It saddened me and I left quickly.

Church Tower

Near the bell tower in Chapel Hill. You can hear the bells toll at about 8:15, and throughout, you can hear the Whistler I met. The whistling is worth the listen.


At the music festival in Carrborro I saw an accapella African-American quintet perform and their lead caller for this song was Harmonica Bob (from the duo of Almost-Blind James and Harmonica Bob). Can you pick him out?
Note: the man saying “yessir” at the end of the song had the lowest voice I have ever heard. It was cosmic.