Northern California – 1

Surf’s up, dudes! I was in Northern California for over a week, based in San Jose. I went to Santa Cruz, San Fransisco, and even braved the traffic of LA.

Here are San Jose and Santa Cruz sounds.

Small Plane

My friend is taking flying lessons, and on one pleasure cruise we took (thanks Dave!) we flew over the Bay, then into the hills. At one point I put the headphones over the H4, and you can hear the control tower and the pilots talking.

I managed to find an hour in a ‘massage chair’, which is a big cushiony thing that uses air pressure to inflate different parts of itself and give you a massage. I fell asleep, but not before recording the soothing hiss and squishy sounds it made! (no pic sorry)


In Santa Cruz, I ran into two very talkative parrots, and you can hear how they imitate things they hear on the street. Whistles, cell phones, and even traffic signals. I think the piercing whistle they do is based of the traffic signals I could hear when they stopped talking (listen to the second track taken 20 feet away).