Baseball Fans

Northern California – 3


The San Fransisco Giants are a big deal in California, and during a game, everyone wants the updates. One storekeeper in Santa Cruz had an old radio scraping the coverage out of the radio waves.

Beach Waves

There are many lovely beaches and parks around Santa Cruz, and at one I decide to get some good ambient surf sounds. This is the commercialization ideal of acoustic ecology, and you’ll find it in every funeral parlour, massage room, and dentist chairs. Is this the future of sonic art? I hope not. But it still sounds awesome!!

Here are sounds from San Fransisco.

Baseball Fans

In San Fran, there was a Giants game going on, and the track below is of me walking outside the stadium. The Giants are currently ahead in the World Series, and I was glad I had my orange hunting touque on because I blended in with the throngs of orange and black fans (although no one in America knows what a touque is..).