Toy Piano

Northern California – 4


More protestors, these were protesting Hotel Frank in San Fransisco. Why does call and response chanting always get the blood flowing?

Toy Piano

Chinatown San Fransisco is definately a fun place to visit. I went into a toy shop (aka sonic heaven), and found this toy piano. Too big for my backpack, but it sounds great.

Another set of toys were squawking birds and chirruping bugs in boxes. The ornaments themselves were made of cheap plastic.

Erhu Busker

An erhu playing busker in San Fransisco’s Chinatown.


The trolleys in San Fransisco made this grate in the middle of the road rattle and sing. I had to wait for the crosswalk signals to record, but it’s quite cool – and there wasn’t a trolley in sight! Maybe it was the subway, or underground cabling…