Old Ford

Northern California – 5

Street with Car

On a small bridge over some San Fransisco bay water, the trucks and cars slappappapped over the perforated panels.

Here are Los Angeles sounds. I will spare you the most prevalent sound… you guessed it: 8 million people’s worth of traffic!

In LA, I was staying close to Venice Beach – a guady, surfing strip along the Pacific full of vendors, tattoo shops, pizza and corn dog joints, Botox on the Beach and medical marijuana stations (see the green sign in the picture above).


My friend’s brother had a Dodge pickup from before the dinosaur age, and it sounds like it. He agreed to start her up for me, but I guess my H4 and his dodge weren’t speaking the same language, and this is what happened. Eventually it starts, and we decided it sounds like it looks.

Old Ford

I chased an ice cream truck on a bicycle for a few blocks. The pervasive, annoying sound of childhood…


I decided, with the help of a local pint of beverage, to join the beautiful people of LA and wax my legs. Sonically, it’s actually a unique experience. Physically I wouldn’t recommend it.