Metal Windchimes

San Diego – 1


As far south and west as I’m going on this continent. I’m in San Diego for a good number of days, and my new best friend is the public transit system. We’re spending lots of time together!

The 921A bus had a great squeak that turned into a two-tone groove every time it slammed over small cracks in the road. Public transit drum and bass and squeak.

Wooden Windchimes

The Old Town of San Diego has been wonderfully preserved and made into a tourist attraction depicting life in the original settlement in the mid 1800’s. There are historical people walking around in costume doing historical things, and of course, there are lots of stores. In one store the ceiling was covered in wind chimes. The next two tracks are of me wandering around the store, making the chimes ring. The store was open to the air, and the wind helped a bit as well. The first is of wooden chimes.

Metal Windchimes

This one is metal chimes.