San Diego – 2


A black smith was making tongs, and in the track she is hammering her piece of metal, brushing it with a steel brush, placing it back in the coals, then talking to other tourists to arrive to watch. In the second track she works the huge bellows at my request. (no photo of bellows- they are approx. 8 feel long, 6 feet wide and expand to 6 feet tall).

Bell tower

Here is a test for you!!! Are the bells ringing from the bell tower (in the picture above) in this track REAL or are they a RECORDING?? Contact me for the answer!

Toy Train

At the Railroad Museum, there were hundreds of feet of miniature train tracks and trains were toying their way over the fake hills and through the little towns. Real men frowning in striped conductors’ caps wandered around the sets pushing buttons and muttering to each other. All were older men, who had probably been playing with toy trains since they were boys and the trains were still steaming. One told me that some are fitted with authentic recordings of the trains’ actual whistles, and played them for me on their little speakers.