Sailing Ship

San Diego – 4

Sailing Ship

On another floating museum, the Star of India, a group of school kids are ‘hired’ on as sailors and in the track below they are getting their orders from the Captain.

Sailing Ship 2

The ‘sailors’ try their hand at raising the sails.

I’m staying in the suburbs, and here is a clip from what the backyard sounded like. At first, the birds are chirping beautifully, then the neighbor starts drumming (double bass drum pedal – awesome, dude – I’m learning to speak Californian), then the plane goes overhead. Planes going overhead at extremely low altitudes were definitely the soundmark of San Diego; the airport is basically within the downtown and they were landing or taking off every 2 minutes or so.

Botanical Garden

Balboa Park is the pavilion of the 1915 Expo, and all the buildings have been transformed into museums, art galleries, little stores, gardens, and of course, the San Diego Zoo. I didn’t go to the zoo, but while in the botanical gardens, I saw the photo above and could hear the sea lions yelping in the zoo next door.