Washington – 2

My favorite discovery in Washington was in a hollow tree near the Reflecting Pool. I passed nearby, heard sounds and stuck the H4n in for a few minutes. What are they? Any thoughts? I imagine Jim Henson creatures conversing.

On the ground within the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. There is a fountain in the middle of the open area inside the circular museum, with several large pillars holding up the upper floors of the building. I walked from behind one pillar, all the way around the fountain and behind another pillar. If you listen closely with good speakers or headphones, you will hear that I keep the fountain (sounding like white noise) on my left for the whole time, but as I pass the columns, sonic ‘reflections’ occur and the sound seems to bounce and travel.

Here is the sound of the subway in Washington. This is quite a long clip, but it gives you a sense of the patterns that go on.

Here is an escalator singing in D.C. at the Fort Totten subway station. I think it has a bird or an oboist stuck underneath. In this track, I ride the escalator, and board the train.