Bedrock Cycles

Piano Trio (Piano, violin, cello)

Duration: 6 minutes

Performed by the Land’s End Ensemble

Program Note:

Bedrock is the common term for rock that underlies the surface of the planet. Yellowknife NWT sits on bedrock that is largely exposed to the air, and this geologic feature dominates the landscape. The bedrock in this area also some of the oldest rock on the planet.

The Bedrock Cycles explore the cycles of time that are connected to this particular part of the Earth: the bedrock itself – four billion years since it was formed, the black lichen that takes one hundred years to grow, human lives spanning decades, and the mosquito which comes to the end of its life cycle in mere days.

The Bedrock Cycles was premiered by the Land’s End Ensemble in 2014 and was a finalist in the Land’s End Emerging Composer Competition.